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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won't have a season pass

26 aug 2019 : 14:40  |  Misc  |   0
It feels like an unusual and somewhat refreshing bit of news: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won't have a season pass.
According to Activision, "...the team is eliminating the traditional season pass, so that they can deliver more free maps and content as well as post-launch events to all players."

Will Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have crossplay?
Yes! An official statement sent to PC Gamer confirms that cross-platform play between PC and consoles is planned. "With the launch of Modern Warfare, the team is taking steps to unite the community. First, the team plans for Modern Warfare to be played together across PC and console through cross-play support."

Gunsmithing will let you kit out weapons based on your play style.
The new weapon customization option Gunsmithing will allow you to customize your primary and secondary weapons with "the precise type and style of firepower you require for any type of multiplayer game mode." What's important to know about Gunsmithing is that it will force you to choose what upgrades you value most. You'll only be able to apply five upgrades to each gun, even though there may be more possible components to customize.

What we know about the singleplayer campaign
The campaign will feature missions in a number of European cities as well as the Middle East. In addition to playing as special forces soldiers armed with high-tech combat gear, players will also take the roll of "rebel freedom fighters" who use improvised weapons like molotov cocktails and IEDs, and have to rely on guerrilla tactics to defeat Tier One enemies.

One Modern Warfare singleplayer campaign mission we saw a demo of takes place in North London after a terror attack in Piccadilly Circus. SAS teams infiltrate a townhouse to eliminate a terrorist cell, hunting for the cell's leader, known as The Wolf. Another mission shows the origin story of Farah, a rebel freedom fighter whose town was bombed and invaded by Russian military forces when she was a child.

There will be 'classic' multiplayer modes and co-op missions.
We don't know much about multiplayer mode yet but we're told that Modern Warfare will contain a 'classic' multiplayer experience and an 'all-new' cooperative play mode, featuring 'a collection of strategic co-op missions accessible to all skill levels.' So far, there's been no word of a battle royale mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare won't have a Zombies mode.
Sorry, zambo fans. Campaign gameplay director Jacob Minkoff recently confirmed to PlaySation Lifestyle that Modern Warfare won't have a Zombies mode whatsoever. On the bright side, a focus away from zombies does bode well for those "strategic co-op missions" mentioned above. Could be a proper return to Modern Warfare 2's excellent Special Ops missions.

Killstreak rewards are back, and they're killer.
Killstreak rewards return in Modern Warfare, and they'll only make you more fearsome. Rewards for uninterrupted killing sprees that we know of so far are a care package with juggernaut assault gear, a manned infantry assault tank with a .50 cal machine gun, and an aircraft that sprays the battlefield with white phosphorus to blind and burn enemies.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

19 aug 2019 : 16:48  |  Misc  |   0
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have an Open Beta in September
As first announced during the MP Gameplay Premiere event, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have an Open Beta in September, allowing fans worldwide to get their hands on the game before the launch on October 25.

The Open Beta will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Weekend 1 – PlayStation 4 Only
Pre-Order Early Access: September 12 – September 13
Open Beta: September 14 – September 16

Weekend 2
PlayStation 4
Open Beta: September 19 – September 23

Xbox One
Pre-Order Early Access: September 19 – September 20
Open Beta: September 21 – September 23

Pre-Order Early Access: September 19 – September 20
Open Beta: September 21 – September 23

Exact timing for when the beta starts and ends on those days will be announced soon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 League Play Release Date

10 dec 2018 : 11:54  |  Misc  |   0
Even though there is so much to do in Black Ops 4 like unlocking characters like Woods and Mason, there is one thing that some players are looking forward to.
That is the Black Ops 4 League Play release date. For those who don’t know, the League Play is a competitive playlist that is similar to that of ranked play. It is for those who want to enjoy hardcore multiplayer.

Unfortunately, the Black Ops 4 League Play release date wasn’t given when the game released in October. Now, here we are basically two months after the initial release and still no League Play in the game. Thankfully, we are going to cover when you can expect it to finally arrive for all players on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Let’s go ahead and get this right out of the way. Treyarch has still yet to release an official release date for League Play. This is really sucky, especially for players who are looking forward to this fan favorite playlist. Thankfully, though, we have an idea of when we can expect to see the League Play release across the world.

The initial hint that we have for the Black Ops 4 League Play release date is what Treyarch said all the way back in September before the game released. In that blog post, Treyarch stated that we can expect things like League Play and the World League Hub sometime in December this year. We fully expect these things to still release this month.

So when exactly this month will the Black Ops 4 League Play release date happen? We suspect as early as next week. There was a big update this week preparing for next week and we wouldn’t be surprised if this is part of why. In addition, the first World League event goes live tomorrow on December 7 so it makes sense.

Velkommen til TG eSport's nye webside

02 feb 2016 : 00:00  |  Misc  |   1
TG eSport vil gerne byde alle velkommen til vores nye side som har været tiltrængt længe.

Ud over at have fået ny side har vi også skiftet det grønne kendetegn ud med en blå farve som vil være gennemgående på hele siden. Et nyt logo har vi også fået lavet i forskellige størrelser og formater til medier, bannere og diverse tjenester.

Håber i synes om vores nye look og vil være med til at gøre TG eSport et sjovere sted at være.


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  • Graungaard
    Graungaard  2 dage ago

    Så fik jeg også bestilt bullet ti vest jysk

  • RaZor
    RaZor  2 måneder ago

    Det bliver til blomstervand amazed

  • J4nte
    J4nte  2 måneder ago

    Når man går fra Grimbergen til Tuborg Classic, smager Tuborg af det rene vand

  • RaZor
    RaZor  2 måneder ago

    Så er vores TS oppe at køre, men med ny IP:

  • RaZor
    RaZor  2 måneder ago

    Vi ses på Discord'en i aften cheesey

  • holykivi
    holykivi  2 måneder ago

    brev duer.

  • RaZor
    RaZor  2 måneder ago

    Vi har desværre lidt udfordringer med vores TS i øjeblikket. Der arbejdes på sagen og vi håber på at den er oppe at køre snart. I mellemtiden må vi bruge andre kommunikationsmåder, f.eks Discord eller hvis nogen sidder med en anden TS. Vi beklager de besværligheder dette medfører.

  • Uberpainer
    Uberpainer  2 måneder ago

    Hvordan går det med vores TS? wink

  • Paladin
    Paladin  2 måneder ago

    TS vil være nede indtil fredag aften....

  • Paladin
    Paladin  2 måneder ago

    Tak og i lige måde. Ja fingerne falder sgu snart af af al den sprit wink

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